I Want Candy

Since we moved to our charming little town in the burbs, I’ve watched cars pull up to my neighbor’s house, anxious owner ring her doorbell, and inevitably emerge with a tall box, tip toeing carefully with said box to their trunk, and placing it gingerly inside as though it contained a treasure to be transported to a state dinner, or a museum. After watching this mysterious box exchange unfold for over a year, I finally learned that my neighbor is, for lack of a better term, a total CAKE BOSS.

This creator of sweets that you could only dream of in your wildest imagination has opened her own treat shop in town, Sugar Hi, bringing sparkle and sprinkle alike to Main Street. Y’all ain’t even ready for these freak shakes and custom cakes. If you have the will power to stay away after seeing the photos below, then more power to you! I’ll be eating my s’mores bar right over here.

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