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Book Cook Look Project

This project originated from a new year’s resolution: to read more, cook more, and look for more beauty in theView full post »

I Want Candy

Since we moved to our charming little town in the burbs, I’ve watched cars pull up to my neighbor’s house,View full post »

Water balloons? Yes, please

You know those moms who are always doing fun crafts with their kids and making Pinterest-y snacks and doing chalkView full post »

Love and Mitzvot

My heart is full. After many hours of hard work and preparation, along with much love and support, my son Benjamin isView full post »

Getting in the Frame

While planning a vacation, there is a parallel track running in my mind of all the shots I want to capture –View full post »

10 Days New

There’s something so magical about entering the home of a newly-formed family. A stillness, as though the rest ofView full post »

Sweetness (literally)

Maybe it was the warmth of the fire pit, or the sugar rush of s’mores, or maybe just all those hugs and laughs. View full post »

Beautiful Brits in Brooklyn

My second time photographing this beautiful, sweet, up-for-anything family!  What a special morning in Brooklyn withView full post »

Carnival photos are my jam

I’ll admit it: I love amusement parks. I grew up going to Rye Playland, home of the 87-year-old Dragon Coaster, and IView full post »

Morning Giggles and Hugs

Outdoor sessions are lovely, no doubt. But there’s something special about capturing families in their ownView full post »